5 Poses to Introduce Your
Body and Mind to Yoga

Has the world of yoga been catching your eye, but you’re unsure how or where to even start? Are you skeptical of your body's abilities in being “flexible”?

Look no further. This 6-video series will teach you all that you need to know about the most basic, fundamental movements of this practice.

We will break down each posture individually and in the end combine them into a short, accessible yoga flow. Master these, and the rest shortly await you.  
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Patrick Jones - Course author
In this class you’ll learn the basic alignment and postural cues in the 5 most commonly seen yoga poses. My intention is that after you’ve watched and participated in these videos you will gain an understanding of what will be asked of your body’s different systems: muscular, skeletal, nervous, etc. and how you can then adapt these new principles as you begin to expand your practice.

Course Lessons

Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the instructor

Breana Martin

Breana believes that with compassion, mindful communication, and devotion to self that everyone will be able to receive the life altering benefits that yoga bestows upon us. Learn more about Breana here
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