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Register for free. It only takes a few minutes to sign up! With 30% affiliate commission, earning money has never been easier! 


We provide pre-made pictures & wording for easy (non-obnoxious) social media posts! Promote a single class or the entire Academy. We track every page you share.


When someone visits a link you've shared and purchases a class, you'll earn 30%!  And... not only on the initial sale, but also on any monthly class payments they make!

What could you earn?

There are no income guarantees,
but let's see with numbers what your profit might be:
For a
$29/mo class
you receive
For a
$55 class
you receive
For a
$77 class
you receive
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees or costs?

There is no sign up fee or cost associated with becoming a White Robin Wellness Academy affiliate.

Do I need any experience?

You should know how to use social media platforms, but we provide free training & resources for everything else!  We succeed when YOU succeed! 

When can I get started!?

After you register, there is a short delay while we set up your Affiliate Dashboard and create your personal ID.  We'll email you as soon as everything is ready to go!

What products can I earn a commission on?

You can earn commissions on all classes and subscriptions from White Robin Wellness Academy!

Can I stop promoting the Academy at any time?

Of course! There is no commitment.  You retain the right to stop promoting any or all of our products and services at any time.

How long do the cookies last?

Our cookies last for a full 120 days!

Do I need tons of  social media followers?

Nope!  We  work with smaller websites, blogs, and people just getting started. Our program is open to everyone who agrees to (and doesn't violate) our terms.

Do I earn a commission on my own purchases?

No, you don't earn a commission on any classes or subscriptions you buy.  We may have special discounts and promotions for our affiliates in the future-- stay tuned!

What happens if an order is cancelled or refunded?

If a customer referred by you returns or cancels an order for refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to credit card fraud, you will not earn commission on that transaction.

How do I promote the Academy & what  resources are available?

We provide effective social media posts with brilliant pictures and wording-- all you have to do is add your affiliate ID and send them out (free) on your own social media accounts. You can also promote the academy with links from your own website, blog or email newsletter-- there are many options!  

This sounds too good to be true.  Why would you pay me???? 

We allocate a certain percentage of our budget for marketing-- for online ads, print ads, etc. Our affiliates are an important part of our marketing strategy and make up our treasured sales team! When someone buys a class because YOU put a post on social media, you save us from spending money on an ad.  It's a win-win-win: You earn some cash, a student gets a great class, and we are able to spend our marketing budget wisely!  What'cha waiting for???  Join our team today!
Enroll today  and learn about the benefits of joining our team!

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