Beginner's Mind: Learning Something New

Aug 27 / Breana Martin
The practices and studies of yoga are spread all throughout the world. Originating in the throws of ancient India, this lifestyle has since become known and practiced in many different cultures and countries, each adding their own individual flavor to it. 
In Tantric yoga, one of the basic principles is that the so-called "goal" or what we perceive to be striving towards, is attaining a state of enlightenment, also referred to as samadhi. And that this state of mind is not something that one has to reach towards in order to achieve, despite popular opinion. 
No, rather the experience of samadhi, of total connection and understanding to everyone and everything around you, is an experience that you always have with you, in the Now.

As Alan Finger wrote in his book  Tantra of the Yoga Sutras: "Universal intelligence is our own true nature, and samadhi is that experience".

In other words, when we feel this connection to others, when we begin to see things beyond our conditioned minds, we start to see our world from a different perspective. 
That instead of our minds unconsciously wandering from one thing to the next, we are instead being able to slow down and really see things for what they truly are.
And how relevant is that to what is currently going on in our world? 
I always hear and have definitely found myself saying this in certain areas of my life, "Oh, I'm too busy for that thing". 
You know, that thing that you love and that fills your cup and nourishes your soul. The thing that leaves you feeling more energized and inspired than before. 
It could be learning to meditate. Finishing a course. Learning a new skill. Working on your business. Starting a business or a side-hustle. Anything. 

And now... of us have no choice but to stay inside. We're either working from home, or not currently working at all. In our Now, our time appears infinite. 

So, quite "coincidentally" (using quotes because personally I do not believe in coincidences), we have all of the time we could possibly imagine to start on these new ventures and projects. So much time to get to know ourselves, beyond our daily routines. Beyond our jobs. Beyond our socializing. We get to see who it is we truly are at our core. Our own levels of personal development have the potential to increase exponentially over the next few weeks. 
And yet, as much excitement and eagerness that I feel and hear, I'm also noticing a lot of uncertainty behind this. People are afraid, confused, unsure of how they're going to manage to stay at home for 14 days with little to no human interaction. Unsure of what they will use to spend their time... because let's be real, there are only so many hours a day you can spend binging a show, so many hours to scroll mindlessly on social media, so many hours to rest, before it starts to feel mundane and repetitive. 
Eventually, we'll all begin to crave some type of momentum again. Something different in our lives. A shake up - which, don't get me wrong can feel a little far out of reach, especially if you're currently under quarantine. 

However, we have more power in this than we realize. 

We think that these huge changes and big routine switch-ups require so much of our time, energy, and efforts. The attempt is to accomplish the end result in as little amount of time as possible. But, you and I both know that as human beings, thing take time. 
You don't need to write out your business plan start to finish in one sitting. Just like you don't need to have those abs you've been searching your whole life for by the end of your quarantine. All you need to do is start. One baby step. That's all. 

Send an email. Google search new jobs in an area you're passionate about. Write out an outline, or a general idea of your business plan. Maybe watch a workout video on YouTube that's 15 minutes long. 

Just try something.

Now, the mastery and beauty behind these little baby steps are if you can continue them on a regular basis. Even when they feel difficult. Or when they feel daunting, scary, or you're just completely unmotivated to do them. This, this is where your magic lies. This is where your power is. 

And you, my friend, have so much more support than you could imagine.

Support from your family, your friends, from me, from all of us. We're here for you. We see you. We honor you.
If you’re feeling called to dive deeper into the practice of yoga, I have created a course just with the beginners in mind… see what I did there? ;) 

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Remember, yoga is for everyBODY. No matter who you are. There is a version of yoga this is uniquely and expressively yours. 
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