3 Things You Need to Hear Right Now

Jun 30 / Breana Martin
Ok, I'm just going to go there: What a time to be alive. Seriously. 

We are just days into the halfway point of 2020, and already so much has happened. Illness, unemployment skyrockets, quarantine, murder hornets, peaceful protesting, rioting - is there anything else that I missed? Probably. 

For some, we're living our lives in constant survival mode, attempting to just get ourselves from one day to the next, unable to think about other pleasures of life that don't have to do with food, water, or security.

For others, we're deep in the trenches of conspiracy theories, questioning our authority and the foundations that our very country has been built upon. Systems that are no longer serving the general public are being brought to the surface, and seemingly beginning to "break down".

And to a lot of us, we are finding ourselves in the middle of this experience as the greatest global spiritual awakening that has ever occurred... throughout history. 
That's a big flipping deal.

We on a global scale are experiencing something very close to at the same time as one another, and it's something that we all have never gone through before. 
So, dear friend, it makes sense if you feel off.  It makes sense if you're feeling internally affected by what is happening in the world around you.
I know for myself over the last few days in particular, I've been feeling extra sensitive. To social media. To what I've been seeing on the news. To even how I've been showing up for myself and my family. And for a while I was allowing myself to sink deeper into the fear, into the sadness, as I imagine many of you are as well.

But don't forget, this world operates on what we draw our attention to. At the most basic, structural level, like attracts like.  As Tony Robbins says, "where attention goes, energy flows."

So, love, as you're allowing yourself to experience the trenches, and the sadness, let yourself be reminded and comforted by these 3 things: 

#1 Feel everything. End of story.

It’s okay to cry for days on end. It’s okay to not feel as hungry, or as energetic as you once have. The entire world is in the middle of a pandemic, and those of us in the US are finding ourselves in the midst of even more trauma.
Even if you feel like you are not being directly affected by your world around you, at the end of the day you are still energetically entangled with all of it. Whether you want to be or not. 

So, remember that and be gentle with yourself the next time you feel “guilty about not doing anything”.
As the Buddha said, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” … straight up, Buddha, straight up.

#2 It’s OK to feel like you don't have an answer right now. 

About any of what’s going on. 

We need to allow ourselves the time and space to not only process, but integrate our new knowledge and understandings. Maybe you’re not sure if you should go back to work yet.

Maybe you want to help the community and speak up against all of this racism and hate, yet you feel so anxious about the idea of going to a peaceful protest. 

Maybe you want to voice your opinion on oppression but you feel yourself “unworthy” of speaking up because you “haven’t lived a difficult life” (according to your own standards, let’s be real here. We’ve all experienced trauma). There are plenty of resources and people out there that are in need of support or donations. Trust me, the ways of helping and supporting our fellow humanity are limitless.

#3  You’re not alone. 

Sounds redundant and repetitive, but it holds volumes of truth. You have me, even if I am a stranger to you on the internet, if you need someone to talk to, I will always listen (plus it can even be easier for us to share vulnerably with someone we have never met, ironic I know). For those of use who have family members around, whether blood or not, you have your people that you can talk to. 

Even if it’s hard. Even if it feels uncomfortable. Even if it’s so out of your comfort zone that you wouldn’t even know where to begin, there are people around this entire planet that are wanting to support you and listen to you. Never forget that.
“The whole universe is your home. All are your family.” - Sri Neem Karoli Baba
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